Tri Speed Swim

We are proud that The Reef Swim Camp,

as the first camp can offer training with

Tri Speed Swim.

Now for the first time swimmers with different performance as well visually impaired can swim together as a team.

Advantages of Tri Swim Speed:

First and foremost the security of swimming as a team.

All teams have a calculated average time based on their common swim speed, this makes the training become more competitive as the teams are spurred by each other.

The fastest and swimmer in each team will do a harder workout compared to when they swim alone. Tests have shown that the increased load of pulling a slower swimmer is favorable for finding the feeling for Early Vertical Forearm.

Tri Speed Swim makes the swimming more challenged even for the slower swimmer who never had the opportunity to swim at faster speeds, but now they can.

Even the gains of the higher workload due to the resistance Tri Speed swim generates.

The Tri Speed Swim is the perfect tool to work on your streamline and balance since you are in motion with the help of your teammate.


Both swimmers contribute to the forward movement, unlike when swimming with attached with rope only the fastest swimmer does.

With the help of a faster swimmer pulling, even less advanced swimmers can now swim longer distances.

Even blind and visually impaired swimmers now have the opportunity for the first time to swim under the same conditions as sighted swimmers.

Video shooting takes place continuously for an hour swimming, the advantage of this is that you forgot that you're actually been recorded, and when the swimmer gets tired they can see the lack in their technique.

So our goal with Tri Speed Swim is to reveal swimmers technical shortcomings in its proper environment the sea, but above all make the participants stronger so that they can exercise their lacks in technique at home.

In our opinion, the technique is simply not good if it falls when fatigue grows.

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