Jari Cennet Tammi

Founder / Technicia Tri Speed Swim

Inspirator and evoted open water swimmer

Hi! My name is Jari Tammi.

Along the years, with uncountable hours in the open water, I have learned to master the currents and the waves so with these acquired experiences, I have had many good laughs at the beach where I meet open water swimmers and triathlon practitioners who are on their way to jump in the water.

I usually tell them that they will swim counter current back, and the answer I always get is not worrying because they are all very well trained and strong athletes.

They swim away in a furious speed, but when they start to swim back this always happens; they swim about 50-75 meters, they stop and look around and continue to swim the same procedure is repeated 2 to 3 times.

What happens next is that they go closer to the beach to escape the currents and swim back. So what happened? They were not mentally prepared for the unpredictable aquatic environments we can find in open water!

So I decided to have my own swim camp to teach others “how to”; and The Reef Swim Camp was born.

Come and share my experience and learn how to be a better open water swimmer!

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