Dare to release the handbrake!


The potential energy that awaits you outside the box is limitless, and must be handled with responsibility.


The Reef Swim Camp aim is to make the participants stronger mentally and bodily. The training camp lets you enjoy the best possible swim location to adapt you to your higher level of performance and in order to achieve optimum training results.


Stop believing and start doing!


With Tri Speed Swim we offer you a challenging and fun training program with a true personal touch. We will help you improve your swim technique and get more comfortable in the sea. We will also increase your training knowledge and give you new inspiration and motivation. Our promise to you is that each and every training session will be effective, suited to you and provides an amazing, unforgettable experience!


Don't fear improvement!


We have chosen our camp location for its amazing training environment, so you will have, calm waters, currents and waves in the same training session.


Training Camp Objectives:


Open Water Swimming


Knowledge of the different Training Systems (aerobic and anaerobic) to improve General Physical Condition.


Try out different training methods for open water swimming so as to increase Strength and Resistance.


Get individual progress at the specific open water swimming technique.




Practice of specific exercises with the purpose of improving open water swimming techniques.


Importance of improving specific swimming techniques to achieve better results.


Relation between the improvements of technique, Strength and Resistance and the achievement of long distance challenges.



We are strongly convinced that open water training should take place in the sea, and hard work teaches you what is possible!


We don't just push you into water, we teach you how to own it!

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