Info about the Swim Trek

I will do a solo swim trek of 276 km in Stockholm's outer archipelago (start Oaxen - finish Öregrund) starting on 10 June.

The swimming is divided into 3 x 3 km per day a total of 9 km per day, number of days 30.

There will be 92 stops during the swim.

The route is laid out according to where the archipelago merchants are located so I can refill with drinking water and what is needed.

It has not been possible to carry out before as there was a lack of equipment to be able to do swimming alone without accompanying boat.

Now, thanks to Ruckraft, I can transport food, water and camping facilities myself.

This opens up a whole new segment for swimmers who practice open water.

I will use the Marlin Swim meter to navigate my way through the archipelago. It's a GPS that I can program today's route, and it helps me keep course through the bone conduction headset that allows for clear and crisp audio that guides me to my destination.